The All About Hawaii CD-ROM

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Minimum Computer Requirements:

*QuickTime software is also available free from


Known problems:

  • A full installation of QuickTime™ is required for all media to play. (QuickTime 4 is included on the cd.) To re-install QuickTime on a PC, insert the cd-rom and exit the AAHAWAII program after it autostarts, then go to "Start" > "Run..." > enter "D:\QUICKTIMEINSTALLER.EXE" without the quotation marks, where "D" represents the letter assigned to your cd-rom drive. Follow the prompts and select the FULL installation option.
  • AMD processors (K6-2) may cause the audio portion of the cd-rom to play with an echo effect. Exiting, and restarting "AAHAWAII.EXE" usually makes the problem go away. Intel processors (Pentium / Celeron) do not appear to have this problem.
  • CD-ROM drives slower than the recommended 8x, may have difficulty with the video clips.
  • Windows NT may require an administrator level password to install QuickTime software on the computer. Contact your network administrator for more information.
  • Not compatible with Mac OS X, only Classic and below.
  • For technical support, e-mail:


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