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The Open CD contains these "open source" programs:, AbiWord, PDFCreator, GIMP,
Mozilla, Miranda IM, FileZilla, TightVNC, WinHTTrack, PuTTY, Audacity, CDex, Tux Paint, Crack Attack!, Sokoban YASC, Neverball, Celestia, Really Slick Screensavers, 7-Zip, SciTE, WinPT, NetTime

Powerful applications at a truly affordable price.

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Software Substitutes = Save $

Want the power of Photoshop, but can't afford the high price? How about a substitute program that has all the same capabilities, opens native .psd files, and can even use Photoshop plug-ins!

High cost of Microsoft Office got you down? This alternative suite has the same capabilities, and can even open and save files created by Microsoft products. Great for schools & non-profit organizations!

You even get an Audio Editor and a PDF Creator, too!

These are excellent replacements for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Acrobat, Draw, & more!
You get it all in this fantastic collection, for one very low price!