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This site is intended for educational purposes only. By demonstrating some of the tremendous multimedia capability of the web, it is hoped that more people will get excited about computers and the internet. It also serves a dual purpose of teaching users to sing songs with the proper pitch.

This site requires QuickTime software, available free of charge from Apple Computer, Inc. Click the logo below to download the software.

All midi files were downloaded from free sites on the net - "karaoked" by the individuals indicated. If you experience problems with this page, do not use it.

Effective immediately, this section of the website is being closed down indefinitely.  The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) believes that each time you play a song from this website it is considered a “public performance” that requires fees to be paid to them.
I cannot afford to pay these fees, nor do I have the resources to track the number of times that each song has been played.  Music was never intended to be the main focus of this website, and at this point it is simply more trouble than it is worth to keep it going.  I know that this website has been used as a teachers’ resource in the past, and I’m sorry that I can’t afford to keep it up for you any longer.

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About 95% of all problems experienced with this site are resolved by installing a Full version of QuickTime software. (QT 5 calls it Recommended) The installer often defaults to the Minimum, which cannot play back the files properly. If the files don't play right, then try reinstalling a full version of QuickTime and restarting your computer. It should work after that.

Frequent visits to this site may entice users to buy the CD versions of their favorite songs. Artist's name is located to the right of each song. Some stores even have computers to help you find the song you want!

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