The All About Hawaii CD-ROM

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New Updated Version!

Now with detailed information on each island. Population, island size, rainfall, temperature, etc.



Sing along with a new Karaoke version of the Hawaii State Anthem. Makes it easier, and fun to learn!

New 360 degree panoramas give you a sense of what it's like to actually be in Hawaii.

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Looking for that perfect gift of Aloha? Why not experience Hawaii the "high-tech" way, with The All About Hawaii CD-ROM. Not just a simple screen saver (like other Hawaii CDs), a real Interactive CD-ROM filled with photos, video clips, sounds, and animation. Learn about State Facts, Hawaiian Language, Island Life, Sights, and Frequently Asked Questions. Made exclusively in Hawaii by GN Productions, this new "state of the art" CD-ROM is both educational and entertaining.

Simply point and click your way through the information on the cd-rom!

The All About Hawaii CD-ROM is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers and has a simple "web-like" interface. All the user has to do is "point and click" his, or her, way through the wealth of information on the disc. In addition, the disc contains embedded links to the internet for access to even more information. By clicking on one of these links, the software will automatically launch the computer's default web browser and take the user to a specific point in cyberspace (assuming, of course, that the computer has an internet connection). In this way, the user can always have access to the latest information covered by the disc.

Minimum requirements are a Pentium class computer with Windows 95 or a PowerMac with OS 8, 16 mb ram, 8x CD-ROM drive, and Apple QuickTime™ software, version 3 or later. A QuickTime 4 installer is included on the disc.

Quicktime movie clip (2.5 mb) --
"Computer Corner" interview
and product demo (KHON-TV)

Interactive format
• Photos
• Video Clips
• Sounds
• Fun Facts
Mac & PC Compatible!
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Updated URLs:

The Air Force URL has been changed to just the root: (It used to point to a more specific area --

Known problems:

  • A full installation of QuickTime™ is required for all media to play. (QuickTime 4 is included on the cd.) To re-install QuickTime on a PC, insert the cd-rom and exit the AAHAWAII program after it autostarts, then go to "Start" > "Run..." > enter "D:\QUICKTIMEINSTALLER.EXE" without the quotation marks, where "D" represents the letter assigned to your cd-rom drive. Follow the prompts and select the FULL installation option.
  • AMD processors (K6-2) may cause the audio portion of the cd-rom to play with an echo effect. Exiting, and restarting "AAHAWAII.EXE" usually makes the problem go away. Intel processors (Pentium / Celeron) do not appear to have this problem.
  • CD-ROM drives slower than the recommended 8x, may have difficulty with the video clips.
  • Windows NT may require an administrator level password to install QuickTime software on the computer. Contact your network administrator for more information.
  • Not compatible with Mac OS X, only Classic and below.
  • For technical support, e-mail: