How does it work?
  • Each model will be required to sign a release permanently assigning ownership of the photographs and video taken of her to GN Productions prior to the photo session.
  • This arrangement is non-exclusive. The model is free to take thousands of other photographs with other photographers.
  • GN Productions will arrange a photo/video session (bikinis, lingerie--or less) for the selected model. Model must provide her own outfits. Several clothing changes are recommended, for variety in the photographs. A minimum of two clothing changes is required. Most photo sessions will only last about 1 hour.
  • GN Productions will then produce a special high quality, fully functional, Windows compatible Screen Saver CD-ROM featuring the selected model -- at no cost to the model.
  • The resulting screen saver becomes a copyrighted software product of GN Productions. It is not to be duplicated by anyone without the expressed written consent of GN Productions.*
  • The model featured in this special CD will be given the opportunity to become a direct distributor of the product, resulting in virtually unlimited earning potential! These CDs can easily be sold to friends and other admirers at clubs, bikini contests, autograph sessions, etc. Additional copies will be available for purchase at a wholesale price of $10.00 each from GN Productions. Units can be sold to admirers at $25.00 each, or more -- depending upon the content! GN Productions will only sell copies of this special CD directly to the model.**
  • Each model will receive 20 copies of her special CD as full compensation for her modeling.
Model's Business Plan $$$:

First, take the 20 free CD's and sell them to cutomers.

Cost (20) x $0.00 = $0.00, sales (20) x $25.00 = $500.00.

Next, take the $500.00 profit and buy more CD's at wholesale.

Cost (50) x $10.00 = $500.00, sales (50) x $25.00 = $1,250.00.

Next, take the $1,250.00 profit and buy more CD's at wholesale.

Cost (125) x $10.00 = $1,250.00, sales (125) x $25.00 = $3,125.00.

Repeat the process until you are fully satisfied that you have made enough money! Not a bad return for the original 1 hour of work!

The more CD's you sell, the more you can earn!

Final photo selection and video editing decisions are at the sole discretion of GN Productions.

*Unauthorized duplication is a violation of copyright law, violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Wholesale price may vary depending upon duplication costs and software licensing requirements.

**Suggested retail for CDs: Bikini=$25, Topless=$35, Nude=$50+


For immediate consideration, send e-mail with a recent photo to: