Models! Earn big $ selling your very own CD-ROM!


Your CD-ROM can contain:

  • Screen Savers (for Windows 95/98)
  • Video Clips (to show the "real" you)
  • Photographs (to view and print)
  • Documentation (your references, etc.)

Get more modeling jobs with this "high tech portfolio" and make money selling extra copies to all of your admirers!!!

A Windows compatible Screen Saver featuring YOU! Click the image above to download a sample.

Video of YOU digitized on a durable CD-ROM! Click the image above to see a sample.

  •  Not just photos, fully functional PC Screen Saver software!
  • Works with Windows 95, 98, & NT.
  • Video option (.mov format in html page)
  • Unlimited earning potential (w/distribution agreement)
  • Models only, no photographers or "agents" need apply.
  • No experience necessary, must be over 18 yrs.
  • Release required prior to photo session.
  • Apply now, and start making money right away!

Just imagine, your very own CD-ROM... complete with a screen saver, video footage, photos, and even documentation (list your accomplishments, references, awards, resume, etc.).

Think of it as a "high tech portfolio" that can be used to show the world the full extent of your capabilities. Speak directly to your audience via video, so they can get to know the real you. Prospective clients can instantly see how articulate you are and how you move. Better than a video tape, because you can also provide photos and documentation that can be printed out.

The CDs are durable and reliable, since they can't be erased by magnetic sources -- and inexpensive to mail. (Less than $1 postage to anywhere in the U.S.A.) Plus, you can sell copies to all of your admirers and make some serious cash!

For more information, send e-mail with a recent photo to:
If you do not live in Hawaii, we can still create a screen saver for you!

Want more details???


Actual digital image of Flo Wu (a.k.a. Flo Jalin) taken with a Nikon 950.

For more information, send an e-mail message with a recent photo to:

If you do not live in Hawaii, we can still create a screen saver for you!