The Quick360 reflector can also serve as a backup for other more expensive one shot panorama tools. It may even work with your existing one shot software. One such option is Panomator v1.02, available as a free download.

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A quick and easy way to create panoramic images. Freeware.

They also have software to create virtual tours. (Website is mostly in German.)

 After downloading, launch the Panomator software and open up the one shot image that you want to process.

Move the pink cirles directly over the center of the image. Click and drag the center to move the circles. Click and drag the small squares to adjust the size. Only the portion outside of the inner circle and contained within the outer circle will be captured. Click the "Unwrap" button when you are ready.

The resulting image should now appear to be straightened out.

You can save your file by going to Export > JPG Image.
This is the actual image processed above. It has been reduced in size to fit in this space.

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